Javier Molina Mira, DVM

Licensed in Veterinary Medicine by the University of Murcia in 2000
Special interest in general and reproductive surgery, and alternative medicine such as acupuncture

Javier is the founder of Benican and Veterinary Technical Director of our clinics in Benijófar, Almoradí, San Isidro and Dolores. He worked in and around Alicante city for the first few years of his career before making the decision to open his own practice in 2005, the year Benican Benijófar was born, our first clinic which to this day still serves as the central referral clinic for the others.

11 years later, in 2016, with the intent of improving the service offered to our customers in the more inland areas of the region, he opened a consulting office in San Isidro, marking the start of the expansion of Benican into neighbouring areas to get closer to our customers and their pets. In 2019 he opened our clinic in Almoradí, in 2021 our consulting office in Dolores and in 2022 our clinic in Orihuela.

Despite all of the work that Javier does in the clinics, he also finds time to enjoy with his family, spending his free time with wife, 3 children and 2 dogs.

Javier mainly works at our clinic in Benijófar from Monday to Friday in the mornings, performing the majority of surgeries and seeing consultations.

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