Internal medicine

We have a large team of professionals in internal medicine, which is the medical speciality focusing on diagnosing and treating (without surgery) illnesses that affect diverse organs and internal systems of our pets.

General and reproductive surgery

In our operating theatre we have the latest technologies to ensure the best treatment for your pet, as well as the necessary tools to perform any surgery.
Also, after the surgery your pet will be supervised by our team to guarantee that they have recovered successfully from the anaesthesia.

Clinical analysis

In our veterinary centre we perform clinic analysis to discover in a detailed manner what is happening to your pet and, thanks to this, determine the diagnosis in the most efficient manner possible.

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are very common in animals, especially in the area where we live. For this reason we have a team of experts who will take charge of their treatment to help your pet recover as soon as possible.

Reproductive medicine

We offer artificial insemination and assisted reproduction services to help treat any fertility problems your pet may have.

Alternative medicine

These types of treatment are an alternative to traditional medicine, which can be used successfully in certain cases, for example, the well known technique of acupuncture.

Medical imaging

In our veterinary clinic we employ the latest technologies to achieve images of your pet in the least invasive possible methods. We have direct digital radiography and ultrasonography, to give a more precise diagnosis.


In Benican we use minimally invasive techniques to obtain the diagnosis and treatment most appropriate to these types of problems
We treat fractures, arthritis, arthrosis and many other problems.


In Benican we treat each case individually, deciding which treatment is appropriate based on the optimal endocrinological needs of your pet.


We have a team of experts in ocular medicine, who will take charge of treating your pet and administering the most appropriate treatments for your pets eyes. We also have an intraocular pressure measuring device, to help detect diseases such as glaucoma.


We can perform a study of the nutritional needs of your pet and design a plan and diet adapted to their needs, whether they are a healthy pet, overweight, or have a food allergy.

Pet grooming

In Benican we have a dog and cat grooming service to ensure that your pet is always in the best hygienic and esthetic conditions.