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Our Team

Meet our team

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Our team is made up of expert staff with excellent training in the world of veterinary medicine (assistants, pet groomers, veterinarians, etc.). We also love being up to date with new treatments, so for that reason, we are always training to always offer our clients the best. Your pet could not be in better hands!

Between all of the staff that make up our team, we cover a wide range of knowledge. This is why we can apply the quickest, most effective, and most importantly, least aggressive treatment that your pet needs at the time.

We are fully aware that while training is important, having your pet treated with the utmost care and love in the word is priceless. That’s why our professional team show us daily the love they have for animals, and it is always reflected in each of their work.

But above all, a vital aspect is that there is a good work environment in our clinic, something we can assure you we go above and beyond to ensure we have.

Our training, together with out love for pets, the application of the latest technologies and techniques in veterinary medicine and the our team being in perfect tune, guarantees that your pet will be treated by the best hands possible.

If you need advice, or you are looking for a veterinary clinic who can help your pet with any problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. All of us will be delighted to help!

Chief Veterinarian

Javier Molina Mira


Marta Rodríguez López

Olga García García

Alejandro Esteso Gómez

Mabel Cortes Olmedo

Talia Rodriguez Blanc

Pancho Pérez Hernández

Felipe Hernandez Gómez

Juan Salmerón Bermúdez


María José García Sola

Kimberley Copley


Jordan Gomm

Pet Groomer

Mari Carmen Andreu